Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Katyayani Baneshwar Aversa - Kaul pooja


Sri Katyayani Baneshwar is one of the Kuladevata of the Kshatriya Komarpanths.

As per the Hindu Calender (Panchang), today is the Ashwin Shukla Poornima (Full Moon Day of Ashwija, also known as Kojagiri Poornima).

At the temple of Sri Katyayani Baneshwar in Aversa, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka, after the mid day pooja, on this full moon day “MAHA SANTHARPANE” (mass feeding of Prasada Bhojan) is undertaken.

In the evening the silver Pallaki Utsav is celebrated.

Sri Devi seated in silver Palanquin is taken in procession to the platform at the base of Peepal tree near the Shrine of Sri Kalabhairava and pooja is offered to HER there.

Then in procession, Sri Devi is taken back to the temple, pooja offered there and prasada distributed.

On the next morning, i.e. the first day of Krishna Paksha (Ashwija Vadhya Pratipada day) at around Ten O’clock, the sarees and clothes offered to Sri Devi and Sree Baneshwara are auctioned in public.

Special pooja is performed that night, and “KAULA PRASAD” is distributed in an orderly manner in front of Sri Baneshwar Shrine.

To partake in the Blessings of the Kuladevata, Kulaavi people from Karwar, Ankola, Sirsi, Kumta, Goa, Mangalore, Udupi, Shimoga and Mumbai visit the temple on this day.

Jai Katyayani Baneshwar ! 🙏🙏

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Namke Ganapati 2017

All Komarpanth Samaj folks,
across the world are requested to
share their pictures with Lord Ganesha Murthi, which would be posted on the Kshatriya Komarpanth website at the link below :-

This is open to all Kshatriya Komarpants.

The word "Namke" means "Our" in Namke Komarpant Halegannada language, equivalent to "Amgele" in Konkani language.

You may

*WhatsApp* the pictures with a short description to:

+91-8805999061 or

or, Email them to

Ganapati Bappa Morayya! 🙏🙏🙏

Saturday, May 27, 2017

BandiHabba of Shirwad Karwar

#Bandihabba #Kalas
Pic shared by #SantoshKhiraNaik

In the month of May, in Karwar, Ankola, Kumta, Honnavar and Bhatkal taluks in Uttara Kannada it is the season for "Bandi Habba," a folk festival.

Basically, it is a festival for farmers to evoke the blessings of village deities before sowing. It is also celebrated in honour of those killed in wars and "#mahasatis" who sacrificed their lives to uphold the village tradition. It is called "Bandi Habba" because in ancient days the deities were placed on a bandi (a cart with four wheels) and taken in a procession.

The presiding deity of the festival is the gram devata, Amma, also known as Shanta Durga, Bhoomitai and Kanchika Parameshwari. The festival is celebrated for eight to 12 days.

During the festival, a small water pot (`#kalasha') is kept on a stone platform in the temple. The `kalasha' is decorated with flowers and ornaments and the mask of the deity is placed at the centre of the platform. Every day during the festival, gunaga, the head priest, carries the `kalasha' on his head and goes in a procession. At night, the `kalasha' is placed on a platform called Adukatte and worshiped. Later, the `kalasha' is taken to "uyyale chappara," a swing. The gunaga conducts the traditional rituals there.

The festival brings people of different communities together. The festival can be a tourist attraction and provide opportunities to study the folk art, culture and tradition of the region.

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