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Thursday, February 21, 2013

“Komarpanths’ display of their Secular Kshatriya nature during the Statue Unveiling Event of Henja Naik” - news report

“Komarpanths’ display of their Secular Kshatriya nature during the Statue Unveiling Event of Henja Naik”

The unveiling/installation ceremony of the Statue of Veera Henja Naik at his Samadhi (tomb) near Govt. Boys Model School at Kodibag of Karwar was an event that reflected Patriotism and Secularism, proving that Komarpanths are the real patriotic Kshatriyas, with Nation First in their hearts.

Swami Bhaveshananda-ji of Ramakrishna Mission, Karwar, noted in his Inaugural address that the event was “Society/community building/integrating event”.

Naval Commander Vinaybhushan Naik gave a call to all Karwar youth to follow the footsteps of Veera Henja Naik, and join the Defence Forces to serve the Nation.

The Event was attended by prominent Karwarians, such as Adv Nagaraj Nayak, Maqbool Shaikh, Nazeer Shaikh, P. M. Tandel, Adv Kishore Desai, Ramesh Gowda, man of whom were felicitated on the occasion.

Komarpanth members from Dandeli, Ravi P. Naik, Gajendra Naik, Smt. Anu Kalas, Shankar Majalikar, Prakash Naik, Mohan Shiva Naik, Prabhakar Malsekar, and many more, were present. Shivanand Kalas dressed as Mahatma Gandhi and Vinod Naik as Veera Henja Naik himself were the centre of attention in the event.

Translation  of Karavali Munjavu News dated 19-2-2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

Veera Henja Naik Statue Procession in Karwar on 17-2-2013

Excerpts of the news of the Komarpanth Community Procession dated 17th February 2013

from Karavali Munjavu, Karwar's local Kannada Daily, dated 18th February 2013.

The Procession started from the Flower Chowk of Karwar (Main Rickshaw-stand) and ended at the Samadhi of Veera Henje Naik at Kodibag, Karwar, attended by numerous Samaj members and citizens of Karwar.

 First from the right of the Photograph is Sri. Maruti R Naik of Kadwad
"Kshatriya Komarpath members/people have been known for their valour, and have been active in protecting their Land, for which Veera Henja Naik is the best proof", said Naval Commander Vinaybhushan Naik, who presided as the Chief Guest of the Statue Installation Ceremony. "One soldier should be born in every home of Karnataka, and each house should send a son to join the defence forces of the country", was the call given by Cmdr Vinaybhushan Naik.

Swami Bhaveshananda of Ramakrishna Math, Karwar, said Karwar was the land of Blessed people, and opined that everyone should stand against injustice and corruption in the society.

Sri. Nanda Achari, the sculptor and Ex-servicemen of the community were honoured on the occassion.

Source - Karavali Munjavu News

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Play/Drama on Veera Henja Naik

A press conference was held to announce the unveiling of the Play/Drama of Veera Henja Naik, at the Samaj Hall, Karwar.