Saturday, December 17, 2016

Pratibha Puraskara Samarambha, 18th December 2016

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Instagram Account of Kshatriya Komarpanth Community

And now #KshatriyaKomarpant Samaj is also on #Instagram.

Now its is easier for the active KPS on the #SocialMedia to Tag us with #Komarpanth or #Komarpant or @KshatriyaKomarpanth at :

Good Day!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Kshatriya Komarpant Samaj on Twitter

Dear all,

#Twitter account of #KshatriyaKomarpanth has been created.

Take a look at Kshatriyakomarpanth (@komarpanth):

You may follow @Komarpanth on @Twitter to remain in touch with the latest updates.


Friday, March 11, 2016

Exclusive Matrimonial section in the Kshatriya Komarpanth Community website

Dear Kshatriya Komarpanth members,

Updated Matrimony Site at

3 Steps to use

Step 1: Register on the Website and Call 9175425900

Step 2: Get confirmation mail within 12 hours along with credentials

Step 3: Start using the services

* Only registered users can see your profile.
* No one can save photos you upload in your profile.
* Send request.
* Chat free within account.

Any queries please mail to

All Privacy issues are taken care of. We respect the value of your privacy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Kshatriya Komarpanth Community Website - getting Ready


We are glad to announce that Akhila Komarpanth Samaj have published the website (Global Official) for the development of our community worldwide.

This website will be common platform for the interaction for our community (Kshatriya Komarpanth).

In order to have better and easy communication we have also added Facebook page for KP people to interact with each other. The details of and Link to the Facebook page is given in the website

Any queries should be mailed to and

This website will be maintained by the central team.

The website is sponsored by Mr. Yogesh Naik, Mr. Ramdas Naik; and Mr. Shreenivas Naik.

Any things related to website can either be mailed or messaged in private (Whatsapp) to us as we would not be always available in the Whatsapp group. For requesting to be added to the Whatsapp group, all Komarpants can message to +91 8805999061.

Content of website

Our website contains the following details:

1. Region page:

This page contains details different regions with events organized in different regions.

2. Job Posting:

In regard to develop our youths we have made job posting where our community youths can see latest jobs available along with training that they can have before getting jobs.

3. Matrimony Page:

As our community is widely spread across the world we have developed common a platform where

a. Girls/Boys can register for finding their life partner.

b. Parents can register for their Son/Daughter in order to find a perfect match to their children.

In this page you can view all details like Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, working status, Contact Details, (Optional) Height and Weight.

We have also taken proper precautions for sharing of contact details and photographs in order to keep privacy of the respective people.

Added Features: See Future Plans point 2

4. Youth Association:

This page will show you details regarding youth activities their achievements & awards which may help them in terms of support.

5. Women Association:

This page will give you details how women’s are helping each others for our community developing, and self employment.

6. Kuldevata:

Details of kuldevata of different families (Optional Photograph & How to Reach).

Future Plans

1. Cab Service:

We have planned to create an application for mobile which will help us to find cabs/auto/taxi based on your GPS location. Such that we are not charged more than usual and homely service as service will be provided by our community people.

2. Horoscope Matching:

In regard of matrimony many may face problem for checking horoscope match (Kundli Match) this will help for matching horoscope (Appx. 99% Perfect). This will be online horoscope matching webpage which saves a lot of time.

3. Classified Ads:

We are planning to start classified ads in various fields where our community people can grow up the business very fast. (Example: Event organizers for marriage, Resorts/Hotels/Lodges, Tours & Travels etc).

All the above details have been under the rights of our Kshatriya Komarpanth Samaj. Copying/Replication these contents violates our terms and conditions please be careful before using any part of it.

Quick Links:


#Facebook Page:


Mr Srinivas A Naik of Dandeli/Goa is the Creator of the website -