Friday, September 25, 2009

Obituary to Karwar Akhila Komarpanth Samaj President - Sri. H T Naik

The present President of the Akhila Kshatriya Komarpanth Samaj, Karwar, expired on 19-09-2009, after a brief period of Illness. He presided over the Samaj for nearly TEN long, but fruitful, years, and made generous, far-reaching contributions to the Samaj. He had donated more than Rupees SEVEN Lakhs from his own savings towards the construction of the Samaj's Community Hall at Kajubag, Opposite Police HQ, Karwar. He also contributed to the development and renovation of Sri Kaal Rudreshwar Temple, at Kencha Road, Karwar.

He was known to be a impartial person, with immense conviction towards the community and patience, persevering convincing abilities, and without any political inclinations towards any Party or Candidate. Until the last elections, reminiscing the late M.T. Naik era, he was wishing to see a Kshatriya Komarpanth candidate get elected as the people's Representative. Our community was then let down by the statements of some leaders' statements which had hurt him a lot.

During his tenure, the controversial Komarpanth Community Hall was not only completed, but was also Blessed by the Arrival and Aasirvachana of His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Shringeri Bharati Thirtha Swamiji. (Details here and Pictures here). Satyanarayana Pooja was also held in the Samaj Hall under his benevolent guidance.

The Annual Education Awards to the Samaj students saw an unprecedented Boost during his tenure, both in terms of the number of Students awarded, and the quality of the Awards made te parents and the students proud to be the members of the Samaj.

His tenure also witnessed the Komarpanth Samaj Cricket Tournaments hosted at the Maladevi Ground, and he sat through all the matches, and expressed is emotional satisfaction in seeing the Komarpant Youth play so sportively, and the amount of Prizes that they gathered hitting fours and sixes, taking catches and wickets. Karwar People from all walks of life contributed to the individual prizes, and were left dumb-founded over the Organising Capabilities of the top-rung Komarpanth personalities.

On November 1st, 2008, Homage was paid to the Matryr Sri. Veera Henja Naik, the first Freedom Fighter/Martyr of Karwar and the Komarpanth Community at his Memorial at Kodibag, Karwar, next to the Government Model Boys School, under the Chairmanship of late Sri. H. T. Naik. Report and pictures here...

Thus ended the tenure of Sri. H. T. Naik, as the President of Akhila Kshatriya Komarpant Samaj...

May his soul Rest in Peace...

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