Friday, May 7, 2010

Suggi of Ankola Komarpants

During the Week preceding the Holi Festival, the Komarpants of Aversa, Belekeri, Hattikeri, Bhavikeri, etc villages, take part in this Community Ritual of "Suggi". Suggi means "Harvest Festival". It is meant for appeasing the Gods for a better Crop on the next year, and also to show their gratitude for the Harvest that they have got in the present year.

One male member from each family of the Komarpants from this region has to participate in the Suggi Ritual. And each family whole-heartedly does participate. After wearing this headgear- Turaai, each person with one assistant/stand-by male member of the family, walk to all villages around Ankola taluk and perform the Ritualistic Suggi Dance before each Temple/God of that village and in the courtyard of the villagers. For the entire period, they stay away from their respective houses, cooking their own food outside and strictly adhering to traditional codes of conduct. 

This year - 2010, about 135 people wore these beautiful Turaai's.
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