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Remembering our community's and Karwar's First Freedom Fighter - Sri. "Veera" Henja Naik on Karnataka Rajyotsava 2008

Kannada Rajyotsavada Shubhashayagallu !!!

On the 1st November 2008, Saturday at 7-30AM, Homage was paid to the Matryr Sri. Henja Naik, the first Freedom Fighter/Martyr of Karwar and the Komarpanth Community at his Memorial at Kodibag, Karwar, next to the Government Model Boys School.

People from all classes, sects and creeds participated in this ceremony, organised by the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike, Karwar, the Govt. Model Boys School, Kodibag, Karwar City Municipal President Sri. Ulvekar, and Councillors such as Ranju Malsekar, Devidas Naik. Smt. Divya Naik. 

Sri. Gangadhar Hiregutti Editor of "Karavali Munjavu" newspaper, Sri. Satish Sail of Mallikarjun Shipping were the day's ChiefGuests.

Veteran and septgenerian Sri. Ramdas Krishna Metri spoke about the Matryr Henja Naik, and how valiantly he resisted and fought against the British imperialists, with his Team of supporters, by not allowing the British Ships to enter the Karwar Arabian Sea , and attacking them from the Islands of Devgadh, Anjidiv, Kurumgad and Madhlingad.

The British had to summon their entire Navy from Madras to fight against the Matryr Henja Naik. He was later shot dead at the place where the Memorial is now situated at Kodibag, Karwar.

Only after he was assasinated, the British could move into Karwar and establish their base.

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The theme of Sri. Veera Henja Naik was made into a tableau for the Rajyotsava Procession, which starts from the Deputy Commissioner’s office and culminates at the District Police HQ grounds in the Rajyotsava Ceremony. And Guess what… the Prize for the Best Tableau was bagged by this one.  

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